Lyrics from tnchristianreader Sites THE AGONIST Ideomotor Lyrics, singer by THE AGONIST

We are but prisoners of waterfalls

We stand on broken ribs
Faces to the glass we drown
Heavy mileage on our minds
We wrap the earth on cerebral folds
And the corpse we carry really is a weight we’d like to throw
We love the strange new animals
We love the fearful plants
But we all surrender
Turpentine to rid us of our pasts

You would walk the rotten hillside
You would taste the clouds bellow

But the world you walk
Is running water through
Valleys in palms of hands
We all know we will be
Respected by greed and death and loathed by clarity

Emotions flood the banks
The valleys overflow
If only memory served us better
We could swim to dry our souls

We’re suicidal swans
We’re silence in throats we creep
You’ll know us by shaking ground
When ideas emerge from the deep

Dolphins have more dignity
A sleepwalking helicopter
Gracefully deceased

Beauty makes the blind weep
To describe a song in color
Is a portrait’s symphony

The light drips on closed eyelids
Through holes in weathered sheets
Curiosity stands up where strange faces hide and seek

Swarming the webs of electricity
That dragnet the city
Confusing power with duty
In a place with trees like origami
Monstrous theories dance with nightmares
On the horizon absolute equinox
Listening to history in the present
Planets approach with lupine walks

[Chorus X2]

Offering flowers to the dirt
Like paralyzed dancers we decline
And smile and flee
But with years of past devotion
The crushing atmosphere
Is bittersweet

In my waterfall here
In earth I’ll slowly disappear



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